Project Background

In the first half of 2021, Meme coins, represented by SHIB, became popular in the field of crypto assets, and it was against this backdrop that YooShi launched a fully decentralized, community-driven Meme coin YOOSHI. YooShi's name and image were inspired by a dinosaur named Yoshi in Super Mario. Yoshi is Mario's good friend, a very classic game image and character. Out of respect for intellectual property, we couldn't name this project Yoshi directly, after minor tweaks, YooShi was born.

The word Meme originated from The Selfish Gene written by Richard Dawkins, a famous British scientist. It means "something similar to the role played by genes in biological evolution, as in the transmission of language, ideas, beliefs, behaviour, etc."

Just as genetic evolution, YOOSHI's properties and functions will evolve even more as the community grows. Based on the new cusp brought by GameFi and metaverse, YooShi will build the world's largest blockchain game metaverse, which is entirely owned and operated by users!

Game developers can publish their own games and community tokens through YooShi to benefit their game fans. The future YooShi metaverse will consist of numerous sub-blockchain game metaverses built by community users. YooShi blockchain game metaverse enables players to participate in new economic model of Play to Earn, not only enjoying the game, but also as a working to make money!

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