How to Mint YooShi Angel NFT?

How to Mint YooShi Angel NFT?

The total supply of YooShi Angel NFT is 1,000 which are all generated by minting existing YooShi Family NFT, including YooShi Miner NFT, YooShi Sushi Master NFT, YooShi Army NFT, YooShi Spaceman NFT. Here is YooShi Angel NFT minting guide:

Step 1 Open & Connect Wallet

Step 2 Click “Add NFT”

There are 4 positions in YooShi Angel NFT minting pool where you can put any of you NFT (the above four kinds) to the position. The success rate of minting will increase with every NFT being added. You can start to mint when all 4 minting positions are filled with NFTs.

Step 3 Select the NFT you want to put in Minting Pool

Step 4 Click “Mint Immediately” when all 4 minting positions are filled with NFTs.

Step 5 Minting fee will be a little different for each time (Minting fee is subjected to the announcement on twitter).

Step 6 Mint successfully to get a YooShi Angel NFT or Mint unsuccessfully with a NFT burned randomly.

Minting Rate

Based on YooShi Family NFT’s HashRate, different NFT has different minting probability, as follows:

Minting Fee Distribution

  • 60% will be donated to charity organization to help children with Angelman Syndrome.

  • 40% will be injected into YooShi NFT Farming Pool.

Meanwhile, the BSC addresses of all YooShi Family members who participate in minting Angel NFT will be recorded in donation list.

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