Stake NFT to Earn

Step 1 Enter into YooShi website:, choose the NFT Mining on the left menu bar, then click "YooShi"

Step 2 Click “Stake” and select the NFT you want to stake.

Step 3 Click “Upgrade HashRate” and choose the HashRate you want to add.

Note: If you cancel the stake within 180 days, a certain amount of service fee will be charged, 90% of which will go into the pool and 10% will be burned. Stake less than 7 days, 10% service fee will be charged; 7 to 14 days, 8%; 14 to 30 days, 6%; 30 to 90 days, 4%; 90 to 180 days, 2%; more than 180 days, free of charge.

Step 4 After staking successfully, your mining power and yield will show on mining page. You can click “Harvest” to collect yielded tokens into your wallet.

Note: 1,000 mining power’s yield will decrease with more mining power being increased in the Genesis mining pool and with the pass of time. The earlier you staked NFT, the more you will yield!

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