YooShi Local Landmark Buildings Marking Event (Closed)-Users' Creative Photo Collected Here

YooShi will be on NASDAQ Screen at 12:30 June 5 (UTC)! 🔥

Come to meet #YOOSHI on New York Times Square!📌

YooShi prepares two kinds of gifts for YooShi Family!

🎁 Gift 1: Special gift for 3 #YooShiFamily who meet YooShi on New York Times Square

1️⃣Take YooShi Photo on New York Times Square 2️⃣Comment under the tweet (https://twitter.com/yooshi_official/status/1400875294500741128?s=21) with tag #YooShiNasdaq

🎁Gift 2: 20 #YooShifamily who complete the following tasks will win $10 $YOOSHI each

1️⃣PS #YOOSHI logo on your local landmark buildings 2️⃣Comment your location under the tweet (https://twitter.com/yooshi_official/status/1400875294500741128?s=21)with tag #YooShiNasdaq

Duration: June 6 - June 9

YooShi will wait for you on on New York Times Square!🦖

See What We Have Got From YooShi Family!

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