NFT Mining Pool

NFT Mining Pool Introduction

YooShi NFT mining pool is the main place for users to stake NFT for revenue, and all the tokens in the mining pool will be distributed according to the proportion of mining power of the NFT that the user stakes. According to YooShi economic model design, 3% of each YOOSHI transaction fee will be injected into the NFT pool. With the increasing of YOOSHI applications, the YooShi NFT mining pool will have a steady stream of revenue.

8 positions are available in YooShi NFT mining pool for every user, and 1 NFT can be staked in one position. Users who want to get more income can click the "Upgrade HashRate" below each position to obtain the corresponding multiplier on the basis of NFT's original basic mining power by staking a certain amount of YOOSHI.

How to participate in NFT mining?

pageStake NFT to Earn

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