YooShi NFTs

NFT (e.g. roles, devices, pets, etc.) is a crypto asset in blockchain game. In the design of YooShi GameFi system, NFT is also a kind of "mining machine". Different NFTs also have different “mining power” depending on NFT types, and can be generated by earning token through NFT stake. At present, YooShi NFTs are divided into YooShi Family NFT, YooShi Friends Fragment NFT and YooShi Friends NFT.

YooShi Family NFT Introduction

YooShi Family NFT is a series of NFT launched by YooShi based on its own IP image. Currently, there are eight NFT types: Mine, Sushi Master, Army, Spaceman, WSB, Angel, Gangnam Style and Satoshi, corresponding to the basic mining power of 100, 130, 180, 350, 600, 600, 1200 and 1800 respectively.
YooShi Angel NFT was originally cast for charity, with a total number of 1,000. Angel NFT was cast by 4 YooShi Family NFTs, and part of the casting fee will be donated to charities to help children with Angel syndrome.
With the continuous development of the YooShi ecosystem, new NFTs will join the YooShi Family NFT series in the future.
YooShi Friends Fragment NFT Introduction
YooShi Friends Fragment NFT is a type of NFT Fragment, through which players can cast integrated YooShi Friends NFTs.
YooShi Friends NFT Introduction
YooShi has a lot of good friends around the world and will be release YooShi Friends NFT with other great project teams.
SHIB ARMY NFT is the first type of YooShi Friends Fragment NFT that can be used to cast YooShi Friends NFT: SHIB NFT. SHIB NFT also has base calculations and can earn $YOOSHI by pledging SHIB NFT to the NFT pool.
How to get YooShi NFTs?
How to participate in NFT mining?