YooShi Farms

YooShi Farms

Users can stake YOOSHI and other cryptographic assets as LP to YOOSHI mining pools to obtain income. At present, YooShi farms includes YooShi, DXCT, SMON and other incubation projects of mining pools for users to choose freely.

YooShi Farms 2.0

To better serve the Gamefi projects incubated by YooShi, YooShi Farms function module will have a fully new upgrade.After upgrading, users can use the Genesis NFT of the corresponding project to accelerate their LP and increase their income.


Available Farms Rewards = rewards amounts of per unit block * [number of staked LP * (1 + sum of staked NFT mining power / 1000)] / current total staked mining power


  • Each LP can stake up to 5 Genesis NFTs

  • When withdrawing LP, a certain transaction fee will be charged according to the staking time, and then will be transferred to the Community Treasury, the specific value is as follows:

Liquidity Providing TimeUnstaking Fee

<7 days


7 days≤Liquidity Providing Time<14 days


14 days≤Liquidity Providing Time<30 days


30 days≤Liquidity Providing Time<90 days


90 days≤Liquidity Providing Time<180 days


≥180 days


As the output of the following mining pools is coming to an end, no new mining incentives will be injected into the pools.

  • DXCT/BUSD 1.0 Farm Pool

  • DXCT NFT Mining Pool

  • SMON NFT Mining Pool

At the same time, the following LPs will be added in YooShi Farm 2.0:

  • DXCT/BUSD 2.0 earn DXCT (with NFT as acceleration function, which can stake Genesis Gem to accelerate)

  • SMON/BUSD 2.0 earn SMON (with NFT acceleration function, which can stake Genesis Badge to accelerate)

How to participate in Farms?

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