YooShi Important News

YooShi Enters Binance MVB II Top 20

Out of the 400+ applicants, YooShi enters the top 20 projects of Binance MVB program.

These 20 projects were carefully selected based on different metrics, but primarily:

  • Product innovation: What is the unique proposal of the project? Is this project competitive, and does it provide new features and products?

  • Security: Each project must have at least 1 completed team security certification or audit from independent BSC ecosystem partners.

  • Community & users: This includes the number of active users in the community, chain address activity, and the number of regular users.

  • Transaction volume: Here, we looked at the transaction volume over different periods.

Learn more: https://www.binance.org/en/blog/the-mvbii-phase-two-meet-top-20-projects/

Develop Partnership with Coin98 Wallet

Announcement Link: https://twitter.com/coin98_wallet/status/1437336056752267267

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