YooShi & CoinMarketCap & SHIBA INU NFT Airdrop (Closed)

1.Participate in the SHIB ARMY NFT airdrop event jointly initiated by Yooshi and CoinMarketCap.

Users who complete the task and submit the BSC address during the event will enter the airdrop whitelist.

Activity Entrance: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/yooshi/airdrop/

2. When the addresses in the whitelist visit Yooshi's official website,they will be able to participate in the SHIB Army NFT blind box lottery for free and get a SHIB Army NFT. The total circulation of SHIB Army NFT is 100,100. First come first served. Staking NFT to the Yooshi NFT mining pool will share $Yooshi rewards.

SHIB Army NFT is divided into 4 types. Different types of NFT have different computing power. The higher the computing power, the faster the mining speed.

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