YooShi DreamPaper

YooShi DreamPaper

YooShi Gaming Metaverse
“YooShi is a community-driven, fair-launched MEME Token, which will bring both fun and profits!”
You may be curious that how could YooShi be both an entertainment and investment?
The answer is simple, that is, you could obtain crypto assets through blockchain gaming! YooShi believes that a blockchain gaming combining both DeFi and NFT is not only an entertainment but also is a new economic model which will bring along evolutionary changes.
For this, We call it “GameFi: Play To Earn”!
Origin of YooShi
Andre Cronje, founder of Yearn.finance (YFI), emphasized the concept of GameFi in early September 2020. He shared his views on Twitter that “Gamification applied to monetary policies excites me so much. Your funds are becoming gear to use in this defi game. Till now we have been cloning tradfi, going forward we go into gamefi.”
Jesse Walden, a former partner of A16Z, also showed an insightful understanding of blockchain field. He proposed that crypto technology is opening up a completely different path, and this is leading to a bigger prospect — the next generation of Internet platforms will enable users to directly build, operate and own.
This is what we want to achieve. All gaming content is generated by users. You do not only own your gaming assets and the experience you create, but more importantly, you are also one of the owners of the gaming platform!
YooShi is aiming to be the world’s largest blockchain gaming NFT metaverse. This is a platform that belongs to everyone.
Inspiration of YooShi
YooShi was inspired by the currently hot meme token — SHIB. SHIB is a pure experiment of decentralization, constructing by community. Through such a decentralized and spontaneous community building experiment, SHIB has grown into an ecosystem with a global community covering 390,000 members. This has been a global-level experiment. We hope to conduct a decentralized community experiment which is similar to SHIB and build a NFT+Blockchain gaming platform that is completely owned and operated by users themselves.
The name and image of YooShi are inspired by the Dinosaur in Super Mario, whose name is Yoshi. Yoshi dinosaur is a good friend of Mario. This is a very classic gaming image and character. Out of respect for intellectual copyright, we cannot name this project as Yoshi directly, so we have made certain adjustment. So, this is how YooShi was born.
MEME-Based Social Token
Like cryptocurrency, MEME was born on the Internet and gradually became a hot topic. YooShi is MEME Coin, but not just MEME Coin, it is also social token.
The emergence and rise of social tokens have brought new ways of value input for social influence. A variety of token distribution models help issuers and holders to capture value. In our view, social protocols’ future lies in the creation of a complete social capital market. As long as the issued tokens is circulated in large-scale, communities, third parties and almost any network participant can easily exchange social tokens with each other.
YooShi is an experiment of social token driven by a decentralized community. At present, YooShi has got some achievements. With the growth of YooShi community, the attributes and functions of YooShi tokens will have greater evolvement. In the future, we hope that in YooShi’s gaming metaverse, gaming developers can use YooShi to release their own social tokens, benefit their gaming fans and build a bond between token issuers and holders.
GameFi: Play to Earn
In our vision, YooShi metaverses will be composed of countless sub-game universes. These sub-universes will be built by community users’ joint power. YooShi’s community users will participate in a new economic model named “Play to Earn”. You will be able to start a business and find a job in this virtual economy. A circular economy is taking shape here. The resources collected by some players will be sold or bought by other players or creators. Under the economic model of “Play to Earn”, “playing” can become work and a by-product.
Value Capture of NFT & DeFi through GameFi
DEGO NFT is an interesting exploration for GameFi, the game financial, which brings us quite a lot of inspirations.
We hope to design a GameFi system in which gaming NFT value will be reflected more clearly. In the meantime, NFT can be combined with gaming in a fun way.
In the GameFi system designs, we take gaming NFTs (such as characters, equipments, pets, etc.) as “mining machines”. Different mining machines (gaming NFTs) are designed with different “computing power”. The “computing power” will play a huge role in the launch and mining tokens. Since “computing power” is closely related to the output of gaming social tokens, it means that a unit of “computing power” has a unit output. When social tokens are priced in the secondary market, the computing power will also be assigned with value. The gaming NFT also completes its value capture.
Genesis Launch of NFT
We have launched the first release and airdrop of Genesis NFT. Through Genesis NFT airdrop, we hope to further expand our YooShi community. With the launch of Genesis NFT, Genesis Mining of NFT Farming Pool will also be launched. At present, NFT Farming Pool already holds over $3,500,000 $YOOSHI.
More about YooShi:
Website: https://yooshi.io/
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